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The Weirdest Questions Life Insurance Agents Get Asked

As a life insurance agent, you may come across some strange and humorous questions from clients. Here are five of the weirdest questions that life insurance agents have been asked, along with some information on how to handle them:

Can I Get Life Insurance on My Pet?

While it may be tempting to insure your beloved furry friend, life insurance policies are only available for humans. However, you can protect your pet with pet insurance, which covers medical expenses and other costs associated with owning a pet.

Will My Life Insurance Policy Cover Me if I Get Attacked by a Shark?

While accidental deaths are often covered by life insurance policies, deaths caused by natural disasters or wildlife attacks generally are not. If you're planning on participating in activities with a higher risk of injury or death, such as swimming with sharks, you might want to consider purchasing travel insurance for added protection.

Can I Get a Policy for My Left Arm Only?

Life insurance policies typically cover the entire person, not just specific body parts. If you're concerned about the financial impact of losing the use of a limb, you might want to consider getting a limb insurance policy, which covers the loss of function in a specific limb.

Will My Life Insurance Policy Cover Me if I Die from Eating Too Much Pizza?

While we all love pizza, unfortunately, life insurance policies don't cover deaths caused by unhealthy habits like overeating. However, you can take out a policy that covers accidental deaths, which might come in handy if you happen to choke on a particularly large slice.

Can I Get Life Insurance for My Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan?

While it's always important to be prepared for the unexpected, life insurance policies don't generally cover events that are highly unlikely or fictional, such as a zombie apocalypse. However, you can always stock up on supplies and develop a solid survival plan just in case.

As a life insurance agent, it's important to be prepared for any question that comes your way, no matter how strange it may seem. By providing accurate and helpful information to your clients, you can build trust and establish yourself as a reliable resource.

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